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Who would i report abuse or neglect problems to in a nursing home. I have been in two nursing homes in the last 9 months now i currently live at home because of the abuse and neglect i witnessed in them. I am a diabetic and have problems with cellulites in my legs and wounds... And i do fall quit

Nursing Home Abuse

There are many places that can help. Start with your phone book. Many states have programs that fund nursing homes. In order for the homes to get the funding they must meet certain qualifications. The state then tries to keep a close eye on what the homes are doing. If you look in your phone book under the government heading, you should be able to find the correct agency. Tell them your concerns and they will send a team to investigate. They will come unannounced and that will make it easier for them to find the problems. You can also call a local ombudsmen. They act as resident advocates and are eager to discover neglect and abuse. The federal government also has teams that investigate nursing homes. Do not hesitate to report what you suspect. The nursing homes are eager to comply because they stand to loose money if they don't.

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